When people make art, the first conversation to arise is internal—how do I begin, how do I make it right, how do I know when I am done? These are all powerful questions, sometimes, so powerful they stop a person from creating anything. By working through this first conversation, the next conversation unfolds as individuals and their colleagues share their art, their nervousness, their excitement, and their learning.

The process of making art challenges a person to push through the unfamiliar territory and the stress that undertaking can bring up. It also reminds people how to follow the thread of curiosity to discover the answers to ‘what if I try this...?’ It builds confidence, tenacity, and patience—qualities needed in the workplace.

Through art@work workshops, teams creates together and share a deeper part of themselves—building trust, increasing innovation, and strengthening engagement between team members. It’s these conversations that will lead employees to explore connections between projects and goals, discovering new solutions, and enhancing productivity.

When employees trust in their creativity, solutions are endless.